Follow Your GPS (gut | purpose | soul) to step into who you are intentionally designed to be!

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Your next level of success requires the next level you. Learning how to let her take the wheel, will change everything about the ride!



The Road to Success is ALWAYS Under Construction!

When you decide to make your next move, I'd love to be on the road trip with you!

You'll receive:

  • Encouraging accountability to pursue what you truly desire.
  • Guidance for the next right steps with your values intact.
  • Belief in who you say you are & what you are here on earth to birth.
  • Reminders of when to pull over & take a break, or put the pedal to the metal & GO FOR IT.
  • Promptings to continue stretching outside of your comfort space.

the kind of support you have dreamt of having with clarity of where you are going next on your journey of success.


In The Next 5 Months…

  • Enjoy the journey in front of you.
  • Have a co-pilot along the way. 
  • Arrive at places you've been dreaming of.  

Your next right decision will make all the difference. 


LIVE in your VISION?

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Take The Journey Within.

This 5-month experience will navigate what works best for you to move forward in fulfilling your goals & building your future self from a place of strength & self-confidence. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a sustainable routine that encourages daily growth.
  • Save mental energy by trusting your intuition.
  • Gain self-respect & appreciation by upholding your boundaries.

With a few mindset shifts, you'll create great momentum in your daily practices -- where you will start living the life you've been waiting for!

What's Included In Our Initial 5 Months Together...

Month 1 - 2

The Art of Knowing Your Vision.

Learn actionable steps to increase your self-awareness & esteem starting with:

  • Acknowledging what is supporting & stopping you from pursuing your vision. 
  • Uncovering lies that the toxic side of fear has kept you spiraling & appreciating TRUTHS that motivate you to move forward. 
  • Balancing who you are meant to be & what you're meant to do.

After your first two months, we will complete a map of your desires to energetically pursue the life you've envisioned!

Month 3

The Secret To Being Seen With Confidence

With your map of desire in place, our next step is to build your visibility, strengthening your self-confidence as your next-level self. I'm SO EXCITED to share with you:

  • How to embody your "camera confidence".
  • How to save time & energy by staying far away from self-doubt.
  • That your voice needs to be heard!

This is one of my favorite months because, we’ll complete your branding experience including your photoshoot & interview! You'll SHINE in who you are, what you give to impact your world, & why your world needs YOU!

Month 4

Attract Soul-Aligned Connections

The secret to finding your people is to BE YOURSELF! Get noticed authentically by your soul sisters along your journey. This month you’ll learn:

  • How to find the places you want to be seen, heard, & known.
  • How to create a simple outline to share your goodness.
  • The best visibility strategies for maintaining your brand presence.

Create your "Soul Level"  social content plan for the next year & beyond.

Month 5

Acknowledge Your Beautiful Soul Journey.

Our goal is to be seen as much as possible & still live a truly authentic life. This month, you’ll learn:

  • How much celebrating yourself daily affects your growth & trajectory. 
  • The best ways to manage your progress, setbacks, losses & wins.
  • Great investments to multiply your time, money, & energy to continue moving forward.

You’ll have a clear plan & route to keep going with confidence, energy & excitement to KEEP GOING until you get to where you want to be ... AND THEN GO FURTHER!

Working Together Is For Us When...

  • You want to trust yourself more.
  • You're wondering how you actually shift your mindset to bring your dreams into reality?
  • Looking to visibly transform your life and are ready to DO the inner work.
  • You dream of living a more intentional life.
  • You know you need to stop the negative self-talk spirals!

I'm Becky Plautz

My favorite thing about offering ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level & connect with your vision is that IT'S YOUR VISION!  I get to support you in who you are, what you want to do, where you want to go, & why you want to go there!! 

I get to remind you that your world needs you.  It fills my soul to be invited in to share the beautiful space of your dream with you!! 

When you are in need of a Business Bestie - someone you can rely on to DO what I say I'm going to do & BE who I say I'm going to be, let's chat! 

"Becky is truly a connection genius!  I have known her for years. Her warmth, positivity & adventurous spirit have inspired me to be a bold risk-taker. I've been on her vlog, spoken at her PDP chapter & have grown as a speaker. Her photography session was fun, she captured my spirit during the shoot & made me feel at ease. I am blessed to connect with her On Purpose & honored to call her my friend!"

- Carol Rudd

"I received a lot of healing & inspiration from Beck's Connect with your Vision program. Beck calls you out on your $h!t in a loving & supportive way. You know she's always there for you anytime you need something along the way! She is talented at what she does & has a way of connecting people that will best fulfill their own destinies!!! I'm grateful she is a part of my life & I'm a part of her world! I know I can always go to her for guidance & understanding & she will deliver!"

- Liza Lomax

LIVE in your VISION today!

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