Each month we choose a theme to draw out intentional focus to boost your efforts & gain momentum with your goals. 


May Theme


June Theme: 

All of our hours will have this theme throughout so that you can focus your efforts and gain more support for your goals. 

Decide Which Level Up Hours Work For You.

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Breakthrough the "old boy's club" way of Networking!! 

Commercials have been replaced with streaming.  Thinking of being "pitched to" in an elevator makes us want to puke & when we think of an Avatar - Blue Creatures come to mind, instead of a specific person with a name & income bracket.

Show up:

  • KNOWING that you are EXACTLY who your world needs?
  • Excited to see how energy matches energy?
  • Ready to move forward in giving & receiving what is needed?

Click below to join us for A NEW WAY OF NETWORKING, where who you are matters more than what you do & business flows easily where solutions are needed. 

You ALWAYS have someone!  


What would you do with a group of like hearted people to motivate, encourage & problem-solve with. 

  • Develop techniques for faster & stronger growth?
  • Receive life changing perspectives?
  • Gain knowledge & insight to take massive imperfect action?

Masterminding is one of the most powerful tools to navigate challenges, learn from each other & gain clarity. This is why we have a guided monthly Mastermind!!

With the collective group, we achieve more TOGETHER. 

Grab your seat below to focus your energy & experience what it's like to be seen, heard & known in a greater collaborative way. 


Growth = pushing through your comfort zone to increase...  

Increase your heart, mind & soul through our monthly mini workshops, hosted by one of our dynamic leaders!!

Each growth hour invites you to experience a retreat like feel, where you:

  • Intentionally SHOW UP. 
  • Know you are safe & that you belong.
  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Can be vulnerable & open.
  • Invest in yourself because you've experienced exactly what you need.   

When you are a lifelong learner & workshop lover - you NEED to add our Growth Hours to your schedule, fill your notebooks with juicy goodness & apply what sits well with you to your life.  JOIN US BY CLICKING BELOW.


Investment $27.00
Investment $27.00
Investment $27.00

Choose Your LEVEL UP hour

LEVEL UP hour Networking

Are you tired of an outdated way to network?  Giving your "elevator pitch" or "60-second commercial?  

We can guarantee that when you show up - there will be a connection made!


LEVEL UP hour Strategy

Join us for a Guided Mastermind to be heard.   

Receive out of the box thoughts & apply strategies when they sit well with you!


LEVEL UP hour Growth

Join us for our Growth Hour with one of our AMAZING Managing Contributors!  

We highlight their expertise & provide a space where you can learn from them directly & experience the power of our OPWP Virtual Workspace & Community where you ALWAYS have someone. 



Membership Love!

Jenna Lind, WI

On Purpose. With Purpose Hours are a safe place where when you're struggling you can show up in that struggle & be seen.

Kelly Fox, CA

The PEOPLE in this community truly care about me!! Everyone is truly glad to see you & misses you when you're not there. I want to show up & HOLD THE SPACE for myself, I've never done this before.

Liza Lomax, ME

Asking for help was always hard for me - being in this group & this community has changed that for me.  I can be vulnerable & raw to ask ANYONE for anything.  

Need more clarity?

We love questions & transparency, they both bring growth.  Click the link below to schedule a time to gain a greater understanding of OPWP!!


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