I'd love to ignite your audience.

Through a NEW way of thinking about FEAR, CONFIDENCE & PURPOSE.


I'm Becky Plautz.

Energy Bringer. Audience Connector. Laughter Creator. Tear Wiper. Heart to Heart Hugger. Truth Teller. Love Punch Giver. BEST CLOSER OUT THERE!

When you're looking for someone to bring everything that your audience has heard together, with a beautiful, bright, bold bow... I'm your person! One of my favorite things to do is to capture truth bombs from the speakers before me & speak life to what still needs to be heard! 

I will make sure that your intentions for your audience are felt, heard, seen & known!  They'll walk away refreshed & excited to put into practice what they've learned! 

"I highly recommend Becky for any event where she can be a speaker! She has so much knowledge & wisdom to share with your people & Becky is very intuitive in the way she talks to a group the way she would talk to one group maybe completely different to how she talks to another group."

- Dr. Amba

"I held my 1st women's conference this year July of 2022 & Beck was a speaker & she closed out our 1st day of the conference & I am so grateful that she did! Becky P. was the perfect closer & she brought her fire & passion. when you are looking for a speaker reach out to her, think of her, because she will activate your audience!!!"

- Nicole Kristan

"I am so grateful that I brought Becky on to speak at the Align to Thrive Summit. She did such a great job being present throughout the weekend with the other speakers, so that when she closed out her presentation was on point. Becky wrapped up the weekend so beautiful & you can really tell that she cares deeply about every person that she's making a connection with! I would so recommend her as a speaker, as a mentor, & as somebody that you really need cheering in your corner."

- Alexa Gorman

I AM for your audience when...

  • You are ready for a change
  • You are tired of the glass ceiling & excited to breakthrough
  • You are focusing on your soul vision being known with your brand
  • You dream of living a more fulfilling life full of experiential learning
  • You are open to taking massive imperfect action in the moment

Let's work together to make sure that your audience:

  • Recognizes the difference between beneficial & toxic relationships.
  • Receives encouragement to move confidently in the direction of their dreams.
  • Experiences the beauty in everyday relationships, starting with themselves.
  • Remembers why they said yes to doing scary things.
  • Gain motivation to take immediate action from a place of alignment.

Bringing out the BEST in an event BRINGS ME LIFE!  When we work together YOU as the organizer can be sure that I will:

  • Elevate the energy of your event!
  • Bring the topics together to bring your purpose of the event to the surface. 
  • Encourage your audience to go deeper than they have before through laughter, tears or maybe both, because they each bring growth!


How to Make FEAR your BFF!

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You Are Ready To Make Fear your BFF?

Becky will bring a curated a 30-90 minute presentation to shift your mindset to more easily breakthrough the barrier with fear as your ride or die friend for life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build stronger connections you can feel safe with.
  • Become aware of what you need.
  • Recognize the disconnect. 
  • Raise your confidence.
  • Move forward to SHOW UP as you are. 

You'll know you can all on your courage when you have that gut feeling that there’s more for you, with your vision & that there is MORE you can do/be - we will put pen to paper & let your imagination flow with Becky's interactive workshop style presentation!

Stay Connected.

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You Are Tired Of Feel Disconnect?

Becky will bring a curated a 30-90 minute presentation to move you forward MORE connected to yourself, with your people, & in your favorite places so that all things happen On Purpose for you & the greatest good of all!

. You’ll learn how to:

  • Untangle your STUCK ENERGY.

  • Clarity on who, where, & what you need to reconnect with to turn on & BE IN YOUR PERSONAL POWER!
  • Line yourself up to experience success.

You'll know how you can continue to show up in the energy you want to receive growth.

Work: On Purpose. With Purpose.

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You Are Ready To Lead Life With Working In Harmony?

Becky will bring a 10-30min curated talk will teach you everything you need to know to get out of the procrastination loop & build positive momentum you can be proud of every step of your next big launch or project. You’ll learn how to:

  • Welcome & maintain contributing members of your team/community
  • Save more time & energy each month when your in your element with support
  • Earn soul clients & your dream team through connection & collaboration with encouraging accountability

With a simple shift in your mindset about virtual connections & some smart strategies to practices trusting yourself more, you will be living With Purpose.

Where Would We Partner Best for Your Audience?

10 - 30 Minute Experience


Be Inspired To Take Action


30 - 90 Minute Experience


Take Massive Imperfect Action Together